Club Penguin Rock Party 2008!!

The Party Just Started about a Hour Ago right now as I’m posting, and it’s a BLAST!!

Here’s the VIP Pass and T-Shirts. The VIP Pass Can only be bought by Members, Sorry To all the Non-Members that wanted one. 😦

The Items Are At The Snow Forts.

Here’s The VIP Room After You Get The Pass The VIP Room Can Be found at the Dock.

Here’s The Game We All Waited For.

They Brought Back some old Maracas If You Don’t already have them they’re located at the Cove.

In The VIP Room Here’s the list of Clothing Items. (Can Only Be Bought By Members)(First Buy VIP Pass)

There is also a Secret in this Catalog its The Red Electric Guitar.

The Other Free Item Is a Free T-Shirt.

In Total For This Party If You Bought All The Member Items It’ll Cost 4130 Coins, so If you’re planning on buying everything I that’s the total to save you from Doing the math. 😉

I Hope You Have Fun At The Party.



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