New pin, Clothing Catalog, Aqua Grabber New Levels, Rockhopper, And Penguin Games.

First off here’s the new Pin, it is located in the Night Club.

Clothing Catalog

Click The Penguins shirt for the Jade Necklace.

Click The Hair Of the Elvis Penguin to get the Viking Helmet.

Open and close it 4 Times to get the Blue Viking Helmet.

Click the Penguins Shoe to get the Mixed Braclets.

Click the Purple shield to get the Woodsman Hat.

There are 4 Backrounds Old And New in the New Clothing Catalog.

Aqua Grabber

The aqua grabber now has Levels and it has a Quality Meter so you can make it Low Quality if you’re connection is slow.


Rockhopper should be here by this Friday, and they’re haveing a scavenger Hunt 🙂 .

Penguin Games

Lastly Club Penguin will be haveing The Club Penguin Games.

Thats all for today.

P.S Sorry for not posting in a while I was just busy, But I did update you on everything since the Party 😉 .



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