Scavenger Hunt for Blueprints, And Rockhopper’s Items.

The first Boat is at the Mine shack.

The 2nd Boat is at the Cove.

The 3rd Boat is in the coffee shop.

The 4th Boat is at the beach.

The 5th Boat is in the Pool Underground.

The 6th Boat is in the Pet Shop.

The 7th Boat is at the Dock.

The 8th Boat is at the Iceberg.


After you get all of the boats you’ll have to put them together, this is what it looks like when it’s all done


Here are all of Rockhopper’s Items on his ship, I’m really excited about the Brown Buckle Shoes, it’s almost like the old Item 🙂 .

Also if you click the steering wheel in Rockhoppers Rare Items you’ll get to have a life ring for you’re igloo.

Thats all for today.



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