The Club Penguin Games!!

The Penguin Games has started and I am really excited, here are all the things happening on Right now!!

To get a prize you must do all this first.

The marathon race starts at the Ski Village, you have to light up all the light’s on you’re path.

The Second Race Is at the Iceberg, In this race you go around The Iceberg 3 Times to win.

The last race is at the Pool, you go back and fourth in the pool five times and then the race is done.

Once you have done all this you get a Prize 🙂 .

Red Face Paint

The Red Face Paint is at the Coffee Shop it seems the Coffee Shop is meant for Red Fans only but Blue Team fans can go in it to.

Blue Face Paint

The blue face paint is in the Pizza Parlor, also this place seems to be meant for Blue’s only but Reds can go in it too.

Lastly as you can see I am going for the Red Team just look at my Penguin 😀

That’s all for today.



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