How to become Famous on club penguin 10 simple steps.

1. Make allot of Friends

2. Throw a lot of parties (hard for non-members)

3.Have a site so you can be recognized

4. Make your site really popular by the stuff you post

5. Making glitches or finding them will sometimes help you be popular

6. Showing proof of your glitches by taking pictures of them will show you not a stealer.

7 Be a good friend and answer there questions and help them with there problems(need too)

8. You have to play on Club Penguin a lot.( you cant be famous unless you actually play)

9 Also If you make your own army like ACP and UMA that will help you allot. but its hard to make an army.

10. Be a leader and show that your one of the best(don’t be cocky though)


5 Responses to How to become Famous on club penguin 10 simple steps.

  1. NarutoPashin says:

    Uh, I really dont know how to do what you said,
    but could you help me to become popular ?

  2. mariah says:

    hi my clubpenguin account name is miley 7798 and thank you! i needed to be popular now im going to make my own website!

  3. kacie211 says:

    cool!! Are you famous?

  4. cftdrc5y says:

    I wish i was a memeber and since the trainer doesnt work then… i cant! 😦

  5. Sunoman says:

    is this site even running right now?

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